More about Stained glass

Stained glass artworks are flat glass, which enjoy great popularity.

Their application is wide, as may be incorporated into interior and exterior doors, door furniture / kitchen cabinets and / windows. Through the choice of techniques are made screens, glass tables, lamps, brackets, family crests, jewelry boxes, wall clocks and more.

Stained glass are used everywhere: they bring beauty and good humor as well as at home - in the living room and cabinet in the kitchen and bathroom, and in hotels, offices, restaurants and discos.

With glass you can decorate glass, save its transparency or vice versa - with colored glasses to protect eyes from foreign space or to hide unwanted views outside.

Depending on the technique used stained glass are:

classic stained glass
  • Classic – pre-cut glass are assembled using metal / brass, lead, zinc /. Stained glass made in this way can be successfully installed in the glass.
Tiffany stained glass type
  • Tiffany - technology designed in the late 19th century and is named after its founder Louis Comfort Tiffany / 1848 - 1933. Each piece of glass / color or not / is framed with copper tape, then the components are soldered. With this technique are made lamps, bracket lamps, clocks, jewelry boxes, badges, and other screens.
fusion stained glass type
  • Fusion - kind of heat treatment of glass. Pre-selected pieces of glass are arranged by another glass / color typically /, then baked in a special furnace.
pseudo stained glass
  • Pseudo glass – a widespread technique because of its low price. For the manufacture of the glass used, not stained materials such as foils, varnishes, paints, etc.. This leads to reduced quality and durability of the so constructed "stained" glass.

There are other treatments of the glass such as etching, sandblasting, de-icing fluids, glass and others. By combining these techniques to obtain the most successful and unique stained glass.

Each stained glass project starts with the artist - for each individual customer in real sizes. Several projects will be created corresponding to the client's desire and the interior of the room.

Next, an appropriate selection of windows will be made - an unlimited choice of color and relief. In some cases, transparent glass is used which create an effect of lightness, in other - colored, which are looking spectacular in the reflection of light. They can be mixed as well depending on individual desires and purpose.